• lease & legislation

    • Our property managers can manage all matters relating to your building’s leases. They are trained to handle breaches and issues that arise in a swift and sensitive manner.  Usually we are able to resolve the issues without our client becoming directly involved.

      lease covenants

      The leases cover covenants that clients, as the Landlord, are legally required to comply with.  With several years of experience in managing residential blocks of flats and estates, Carlton Property Management is able to provide advice, support and, if necessary, referral to solicitors who are experts in the area of long leasehold law.  These measures ensure that you are compliant with the law in regard to your property portfolio.

      Our experienced property managers are experts in and fully conversant with leases and know the necessity of understanding and adhering to the terms of the lease, including, though not exclusively, to:

      • Ensuring leaseholders abide by their covenants
      • Handling service charge payments and demands
      • Dealing with non-payment of service charges


      In addition to all parties to the lease complying with its covenants, there is a range of regulations and legislation that also require compliance.  This legislation is ever increasing, so it’s important that the managing agent is professionally capable of knowing what areas of legislation impact on the development and require implementation, or like the Insurance Act 2015, necessitates that Carlton Property Management provides timely advice for matters that only the landlord can make a decision on.

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