• report an issue

      If you have seen or identified a maintenance problem that needs attention by us, please complete the form on this page, giving as much detail as you can:-

      • type of problem;
      • location
      • date/time when you identified this

      You can also email us on info@carltonpm.com or call us on 01323 644288.

      Thank you for your help.


      For out of hours emergency building or communal area issues that cannot wait until our office re-opens

      Please Call - 07961 456547


      change of address or other contact details

      If you are moving, please make sure you provide us with your new address as soon as possible.  Additionally if any other contact details change, you will need to let us know.  You can use the form on this page to supply us with the details we need from you.

      If you're sub-letting your flat and moving out to a new address, then don't forget to check your lease to find out what your obligations are, such as requiring the Landlord's prior written consent - you will need a Licence to Sub-Let to comply with your lease.  You will also need to check the conditions of your mortgage because unless it is a buy to let mortgage, you will be in breach of your mortgage if you let your property.  If in doubt, then please call and speak to your property manager.

      For security purposes, we need all changes of personal details notified to us verbally, to be confirmed in writing.

      Many thanks.