• about us

      Carlton Property Management is a dedicated leasehold property management company.  Managing apartment blocks, estates and mixed use developments is the only business we're in, and therefore all our professional expertise and focus is solely on these.  For us, block management is not a side line for extra business income.  This is all we do and we do it very well indeed.

      A large majority of our clients come to us through personal recommendation.  That’s why client satisfaction and our reputation is immensely important to us.  We have been in the business of managing residential blocks and estates since 2007 and we are going from strength to strength.

      online portal

      Our online portal is available to all leaseholders who have an email address, as well as our clients.  This service provides all our customers with full transparency in regard to the work we carry out for their building.  There are many benefits to this service which includes:

      • available 24/7
      • secure login to personal service charge and ground rent accounts
      • access to all the documentation relevant to your block, including insurance policies, current budget, annual accounts and much more
      • the Landlord and directors of resident management companies receive real time financial reporting on maintenance work, invoicing, and also being able to view the service charge and reserve fund bank accounts

      knowledgeable and professional property managers

      Our friendly enthusiastic staff are committed to improving their professional knowledge and vocational qualifications.  They regularly attend courses and seminars to improve their knowledge of the sector and to keep abreast of the ever changing legislation and regulation, so that our clients don’t have to.  All of our team are either qualified or currently studying for varying levels with the Institute of Residential Property Management (IRPM).  An intrinsic part of our service is that we ensure the client is kept informed of legal developments that will affect them, their building and their decision-making.

      The management of leasehold premises is a highly complex matter requiring an excellent working knowledge of a wide range of statutes and regulations that apply to long leasehold property.  Without that knowledge, it would be easy to compromise the Landlord’s or the resident management companies legal obligations.  Without that knowledge, errors can occur, which could have long term consequences on the leaseholders’ pockets.  That is why it is crucial to appoint properly qualified and regulated managing agents.  Even if Landlords or a resident management company employed a 'rogue' agent and that 'rogue' agent makes serious legal and financial errors, the liability for these is the Landlord's or the resident management company's.  After they've dealt with the consequences of such errors, they would then have to take legal action against that 'rogue' agent to recover any losses.  This can be a costly and not always successful matter - that is why it is so important that the Government's statutory regulation is coming in.

      Carlton Property Management has a full understanding of these requirements and we work to a high standard for the benefit of all of our customers, both freeholders and leaseholders. 

      The work we do may not always be acceptable to a handful of leaseholders, but this is because we are legally and contractually obligated to manage blocks strictly according to the provisions in the leases and according to a vast range of legislation, and we must act as our client wishes or instructs, as long as their instructions don't compromise the lease or legislation or undermines the leaseholders' own legal rights.  Often, it's because a leaseholder doesn't appreciate their own leasehold obligations and we always try to explain why we sometimes have to do things a certain way.  

      It is crucially important to have an expert managing agent who can navigate the legal maze that is long leasehold law.

      accountable – expert - professional

      We comply with the RICS Service Charge Residential Management Code, which is a statutory instrument, as well as the ARHM Code of Practice, in all of our day to day management activities.  We are proud members of the Association of Residential Management Agents (ARMA), and their voluntary regulatory regime, which includes the Customer Charter.  We are regularly audited to check we are in full compliance with the regulatory requirements.

      Currently there are less than 300 ARMA regulated managing agents in the UK, but there are over 4,000 businesses offering managing agent services, some specialising in residential property management, but many more running such services as a side business in addition to their core activities, which allows for a lot of inexpert agents who think this is an easy way to make extra business income.  It is only with professional standards of expertise that anyone realises it is not an easy business.

      All this compliance comes at a cost to us, which means our overheads are higher than unaccredited and unregulated agents.  However our management fees remain very competitive with other agents, but our clients and customers have the added reassurance of knowing that all their legal and financial interests are fully integrated into our operational procedures.

      ARMA's voluntary regulatory scheme exists for the protection of resident management companies, freeholders and leaseholders, because there is currently no statutory regulation of managing agents.  However we are encouraged by the announcement in October 2017, at ARMA’s Annual Conference, when Sajit Javid, in his previous role as Secretary of the Department of Housing, Communities and Local Government (he is now the Home Secretary) announced that the Government is bringing in statutory regulation for managing agents.  This is a move we enthusiastically support because we believe it will make managing agents more accountable and more professional.  The reality is that there are many inexpert providers of leasehold management services who set up business believing that leasehold management is an easy revenue source.  These companies undermine the good work done by more professional and ethical companies like Carlton Property Management, who put in the ground work to ensure their business is fully professional in every aspect of service, employ properly trained and qualified property managers and volunteer for regulation when it is not yet a legal requirement.

      The result of the government's statutory regulation is likely to be that many unregulated agents will not see any financial benefit in going through the time-consuming and expensive effort of upgrading their practices to comply with statutory regulations, in the same way that the Financial Conduct Authority caused a flood of financial service providers to retire from the business.  Carlton Property Management is already regulated by ARMA and therefore already very close to full compliance with statutory regulation requirements.

      Carlton Property Management has strived for professional, ethical and transparent residential property management since we first started, and warmly welcomes a development that will greatly improve poor standards of service, landlords and leaseholders exposure to the costs of poor services, and ensure managing agents become more professional and compliant with their responsibilities.